Sunday, 2 September 2012


Assalam-u-alaikum to all. Today i’d just like to tell everyone what a muslimah really is.
A Muslimah:
She is the one who provides Jannah for her mother, father, brother, sister, husband and many more with her deeds.
She makes a House a Home.
She completes everyone around her, raising her children to be followers of Islam and the Sunnah, Holding her husbands hand and taking him to Jannah.
She maintains the respect of her household.
When she is a young girl, she cares for her Mother and Father and provides a helping hand to her siblings.
When she’s a wife, she provides support and stands strong as a pillar next to her husband.
When she is a mother, she is forever worried for her children’s safety and provides them with everything she’s capable of and nurtures them like no other, Which is why Jannah is under the feet of the mother. 
She is Allah (swt) gift to the world, she wears a hijab for his happiness and to protect her family honor, she submits herself completely to her religion, and that makes her a Muslimah.

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*a big responsibility for muslimah right.. :)

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